Senator Luke Esser, 48th Legislative District, Washington State:

I have known Tony Berry since his positive initial experience as a Page in the Washington State Legislature representing my office in the 48th Legislative District in 1999 and again the following year in 2000 as well. Tony is a bright, personable young man and it was clear early on that he took his Page responsibilities seriously and was effective in communicating with others during our legislature sessions.  Tony was able to continue his education in our political system by attending the 2000 Republican National Convention in Philadelphia, PA as a member of the non-partisan National Junior Statesman Foundation Symposium group and also as a Page for the U.S. House of Representatives 107th U.S. Congress in 2001.
           I have enjoyed the on-going updates from Tony and his supportive family as he has continued to serve his community and complete his Gonzaga University commitments.  Tony's focus and determination to maintain the balance between his education, community service and his very real passion for his motor sports career exemplifies the self-discipline and maturity needed to help achieve a positive future career foundation.
          Tony's well-rounded life skills development to date certainly positions him to take full advantage of many upcoming career path opportunities presented.  I have been proud to be his mentor and friend and I look forward to future interaction with Tony as he continues to move forward with his career options-perhaps even in the political arena.

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